Genetics and Inheritance Grade 12 Notes (Questions and Answers) pdf

Genetics and Inheritance Grade 12 Notes, as well as Questions and Answers on pdf format. As a Grade 12 Life Sciences student, you must ensure you understand the link between meiosis and genetics for your tests and exams.

Link between Meiosis and Genetics

During the crossing over in prophase I of meiosis and the metaphase I, chromosomes share information and during metaphase, separate randomly. This determines the combination of chromosomes and genes that you have as an individual. Genetics determines individual variation (to be different) and survival of the fittest. You MUST have a clear understanding of the genetic terminology in order to study genetics and answer genetic problems.

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The process of Meiosis simplified

Questions and Answers

Questions covered below, are based on the following Life Sciences Grade 12 Topics:

  • Nucleic acids – DNA and RNA printing
  • Protein synthesis and DNA fingerprinting
  • Meiosis
  • Genetics – terms
  • Consolidation exercises – meiosis and DNA
  • Consolidation exercises – meiosis and fingerprinting
Life Sciences Questions and Answers For Revision
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More Life Sciences Revision Questions can be found from

Downloadable questions and answers on Genetics and Inheritance (for revision):

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