Grade 11 Geography Past Exam Papers and Memo pdfs for free download: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 years.

2020 Grade 11 Geography Past Papers and Memos


Geography Grade 11 Exams past papers and memos November 2020

2019 Grade 11 Geography Past Papers and Memos

2018 Grade 11 Geography Past Papers and Memos

2017 Grade 11 Geography Past Papers and Memos

2016 Grade 11 Geography Past Papers and Memos

Grade 11 Geography Study Guide and Notes

Grade 11 Geography Study Guide and Notes
Grade 11 Geography Study Guide and Notes

Welcome to the Grade 11 Geography Study Guide. The subject of Geography has changed considerably over time and it continues to change because it is one of the most dynamic subjects in the curriculum. The Earth and its atmosphere, the home of humankind, is changing all the time and that is what makes our subject so special.

This guide must be used in conjunction with the main textbook, as it is a summary of the main components of the textbook. Geography, like any other subject, does contain facts which must be understood and learnt, but it also emphasises skills. It is necessary for the learner to analyse and use these facts to understand phenomena and to try to solve problems. Our lives depend on the ways in which we treat our environment. Thus, as citizens of the Earth, we must understand the changes that are constantly taking place and our own impact on our surroundings.

Grade 11 Geography Study Guides Available for Free Download

How to Calculate Magnetic Declination in Geography

One way in which Global Warming Aggravates the Effect of Radiation

The negative impact of radiation on the economy of South Africa

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