Grade 6 Geography Term 1 Resources

Hello Grade 6 Learners!

Welcome to an exciting new term in Geography! This term, we’re going on a fascinating journey around the world without even leaving our classroom. You’re going to learn some amazing skills that geographers use to understand our planet. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll explore together in Term 1:

  1. Map Skills: We’ll dive into the world of maps. You’ll learn how to read different types of maps and understand what they tell us about places near and far.
  2. The Globe and Hemispheres: Ever wondered how we find places on the Earth? You’ll learn about latitude and longitude, and how the Earth is divided into hemispheres.
  3. Scale and Distance: We’ll figure out how map scales work and how to measure distances. This is a super useful skill, especially when you’re planning a trip!
  4. South Africa on the Map: We’ll locate South Africa and other countries on the globe and maps, understanding more about our place in the world.
  5. Practical Skills: Not only will you learn to read maps, but you’ll also get to draw your own. We’ll even measure real distances between cities. It’s like being a map detective!
  6. Assessments: Throughout the term, we’ll have different types of assessments to check how much you’ve learned. Don’t worry, we’ll prepare together, and you’ll do great!

So, get ready for a term full of discovery and fun. We’ll use atlases, rulers, maybe even Google Earth, and lots of other cool tools. By the end of this term, you’ll look at the world in a whole new way!

Let’s get ready to explore and learn!

Grade 6 Geography: Term 1 Overview

Week 1: Welcome and Revision

  • Introduction: Welcoming learners to Grade 6 Geography/Social Sciences.
  • Revision: Concepts from Grade 5, including the globe, equator, poles, compass points, and eight directions.

Weeks 2-3: Map Skills and Atlases

  • Introduction to Map Skills: Learning about atlases, global statistics, and current events.
  • Atlas Details: Understanding different information in an atlas and how its content page is organized.

Weeks 4-5: Latitude and Longitude

  • Concepts: Learning about latitude and longitude on a globe and a map.
  • Hemispheres: Understanding the division of the Earth into northern, southern, eastern, and western hemispheres.
  • South Africa’s Location: Identifying South Africa’s position in hemispheres.

Weeks 6-7: Scale and Map Types

  • Scale Concept: Understanding the concept of scale in maps.
  • Map Types: Differentiating between small and large-scale maps.
  • Line and Word Scales: Learning to use different types of scales.

Weeks 8-9: Practical Application

  • Measuring Distances: Practicing measuring straight-line distances between cities on a map.
  • Map Drawing: Skills in drawing and using maps, like street maps.

Week 10: Formal Assessment

  • Test on Map Skills: A test worth 40 marks covering low (30%), middle (50%), and high (20%) order thinking skills.

Week 11: Revision and Consolidation

  • Review: Going over all the concepts learned in Term 1.
  • Preparation for Assessment: Preparing for formal assessments through revision.

Skills and Values

  • Reading and Using Sources: Assimilate information from various sources.
  • Information Analysis: Describe, explain, and answer questions about places.
  • Map Skills: Identify and extract information from maps.
  • Cross-Referencing: Use different sources for cross-referencing information.
  • Reasoned Explanations: Develop the ability to provide reasoned explanations.

Resources for Learning

  • Utilize atlases, globes, world maps, newspapers, magazines, rulers, and 360º protractors.
  • Leverage digital tools like YouTube and Google Earth.

Informal and Formal Assessments

  • Informal Assessments: Oral Q&A, following instructions, homework, classwork, worksheets.
  • Formal Assessments (SBA): A test on map skills.

This term, Grade 6 Geography learners will embark on an exciting journey through map skills and global understanding, using a variety of resources and engaging in both practical and theoretical learning.

Downloadable Resources for Grade 6 Geography Term 1

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