History Grade 12 Revision Notes booklet and Essay Topics Guide for 2021-2023

On this page, you will find History Grade 12 Revision Notes booklet and Guide for 2021-2023, Paper 1 and paper 2.


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Paper 1 History Grade 12 Essay Topics for Exams

Topic 1: The Cold War

  • Origins of the Cold War (Source-Based)
  • Extension of the Cold War : Case Study: Vietnam (Essay)

Topic 2: Civil Society Protests from the 1950s to the 1970s

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  • The US Civil Rights Movement (Source-Based) o The Black Power Movement (Essay)

Topic 2: Independent Africa

  • Case study: The Congo

What is included in the guide:

  • Cognitive Levels of questions
  • How to prepare for source-based questions
  • Skills in answering source-based questions
  • Essay writing skills
  • Examination Guidelines (2021 – 2023)
  • A mind map to give you the summary of the topic
  • A timeline and a list of concepts you must know
  • Sources with different levels of questions and answers
  • Essays questions and how you should approach it
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Paper 2 History Grade 12 Essay Topics for Exams

Topic 1: Civil Resistance in South Africa 1970s to 1980s:

  • Internal Resistance (Source-Based Question)
  • Challenges to apartheid – BCM (Essay) Topic 2: The end of the Cold War and a new world order
  • Globalisation (Source-Based Question)
  • the impact of Gorbachev’s reforms on the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the impact on South Africa (Essay) Topic 3: Broad overview of the Coming of Democracy in South Africa and Coming to terms with the past
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History Grade 12 Revision Notes booklet and Guide for 2021-2023

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