How to Apply for Grade R and Grade 8 2024: GDE Late Applications

How to Apply for Grade R and Grade 8 2024: GDE Late Applications online:

Hey there, parents and guardians in Gauteng! If you’re looking to get your kiddos into Grade R or Grade 8 for the 2024 academic year, you’ll want to pay close attention. The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has opened up late applications online, and you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about the “GDE Late Applications 2024” process.

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How to Apply for Grade R and Grade 8 2024:GDE Late Applications

Here’s how to apply for Grade R and Grade 8 in Gauteng for 2024 in five simple steps at GDE:

  1. Visit the GDE Admissions Website: Go to to start your application.
  2. Register an Account: Click on ‘REGISTER’ on the website to create your user account.
  3. Complete the 5-Step Application Process: After registering, follow the guided steps on the website to fill in your child’s details and school preferences.
  4. Choose Only One School: Remember, you can apply to just one school that has available space.
  5. Submit Documents Later: After applying, prepare to submit the required documents to the school when they reopen in January 2024.

Key Dates to Remember for GDE Late Applications 2024

Mark your calendars! The window for late applications kicks off on 18 December 2023 and will close on 31 January 2024. This is your time frame to get those applications in, so don’t let it slip by.

The Application Process for Late Applications

The process to submit your application is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to hop online and visit the GDE admissions website. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Start by Registering: You’ll need to create an account on the GDE admissions website. Just click on ‘REGISTER’ and fill in the required info.
  2. Follow the 5-Step Application: After registering, you’ll go through a 5-step process to complete your application. This is where you’ll provide all the necessary details about your child and your preferences.

What You Need to Know

  • Available Spaces Only: Keep in mind that only schools with available spaces will be accepting applications. So, it’s a bit of a first-come, first-served situation.
  • One School Limit: Each child can only apply to one school. Make your choice count!
  • Document Submission: Once you’ve applied, you can submit your documents to the chosen school when they reopen in January 2024.

Documents Required to Apply

When applying for Grade R and Grade 8 in Gauteng schools, you’ll typically need to provide several key documents. Here’s a list of the common documents required:

  1. Birth Certificate: A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  2. Proof of Residence: This could be a recent utility bill (like water, electricity, or rates), an official lease agreement, or a sworn affidavit if you don’t have other proof.
  3. Parent/Legal Guardian ID: Copies of the ID documents of the parent or legal guardian.
  4. Immunization Card: For Grade R applications, you’ll need a copy of the child’s immunization card showing that all the necessary vaccinations have been done.
  5. Latest School Report: If the child is already in school and is applying for Grade 8, you’ll need the most recent school report.
  6. Transfer Letter: If the application is for a transfer from one school to another, a transfer letter from the current school might be required.
  7. Additional Documents: In some cases, additional documents might be required such as a study permit for foreign nationals, proof of guardianship if the guardian is not the parent, or a court order for separated/divorced parents.

Remember, it’s important to check with the specific school or the GDE admissions website for any additional or specific document requirements they may have. Each school or region might have slightly different requirements or additional forms to fill out.

Need Help?

Got questions or need some assistance? No problem! The GDE has got your back. You can reach out to them in two ways:

Application Link

Ready to apply? Great! Just click on this link, and you’ll be on your way: GDE Admissions

There you have it! All the info you need for the GDE Late Applications 2024. Remember, these spots can fill up quickly, so don’t wait too long. Good luck, and here’s to a great start to the 2024 academic year for your little ones!

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