How to correct your wrong subject choice in Grade 10

On this page, we will explain how you may correct your wrong subject choice in Grade 10. There are a few things to know regarding subject changes and choices in high school. Perhaps you have chosen the wrong subject and you would like to correct it.

Few things you should know before changing a subject

Choosing, as well as changing your subjects should be based on your long-term career vision.

  1. Changing a subject should not be based on emotions. You should get an advice first from your teacher and parents to see if changing a subject is the right option for you.
  2. A learner may change a maximum of two subjects in Grade 10 and Grade 11.
  3. No subject changes will be allowed in the Grade 12 year from 2017 onwards.

How to correct your wrong subject choice in Grade 10

To correct a wrong subject choice in Grade 10 in South Africa, you should first consult with your school’s guidance counselor or subject teacher. They can provide advice on the feasibility of a subject change and the process involved. In most cases, you would need to submit a formal request to the school administration for the subject change. However, please note that subject changes in Grade 10 are often subject to the school’s policies, timetable constraints, and the capacity of the class you wish to move into. It’s also important to consider that catching up on work already covered in the new subject may require additional effort and potentially extra tuition.

Correcting your wrong subject at Grade 10 is possible, but you need to be 100% sure about your decision. The process of changing subjects in Grade 10 may vary from school to school, however, below are the standard procedures to follow in order to correct wrong subject choice in Grade 10:

  1. Teacher’s role: Early identification of learners in Grade 10 and 11 for subject changes is very important. The subject teachers must identify the learners at risk for subject changes and inform parents in writing.
  2. The parent’s role: The parent/guardian must apply for the subject change in writing to the principal.
  3. The Principle’s role: The principal will consult with the learner, the parent/guardian and the subject teacher and consensus must be reached on whether it is in the best interests of the learner to change a subject. All subject changes for Grades 10 to 11 will be approved by the principal and captured on CEMIS.
  4. Signing of agreement: After proper consultation and after an agreement has been reached, the principal, parent and subject teacher must sign a memorandum of agreement, indicating that the subject change is being made in the best interests of the learner.

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