Marketing Communication NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers & Learning Material

Marketing Communication NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers with memorandums & Learning Material in pdf downloadable format for Term 1 (March) , Term 2 (June), Term 3 (September), and Term 4 (November). Marketing Communication uses the correct type of advertising to communicate and create awareness of a product or service on offer. The role of Marketing Communication includes promoting image; providing information; creating, increasing and stabilising demand; differentiating product features and benefits; providing competitive differentiation, lead generation and customer retention and loyalty and motivating staff. The communication channels used include phone, fax, e-mail, personal letter and memo.. Marketing Communication (Marketing) is a  Level 4 subject.

This is a one year instructional programme comprising 200 teaching and learning hours. The subject may be offered on a part-time basis provided the candidate meets all the assessment requirements.
Course preparations should consider students with special education needs.

Marketing Communication Level 4 Past Exam Papers and Memos

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