On this page, you will find Mechanical Technology Grade 12 Practical Assessment Tasks (PAT) for current and previous years (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019). Memorandums for previous PATs are also included where possible.

Why PATs are Important for Grade 12

A practical assessment task (PAT) is a compulsory component of the final promotion mark for all candidates offering subjects that have a practical component and counts 25% (100 marks) of the end-of-year examination mark. The PAT is implemented across the first three terms of the school year. This is broken down into different phases or a series of smaller activities that make up the PAT. The PAT allows for learners to be assessed on a regular basis during the school year and it also allows for the assessment of skills that cannot be assessed in a written format, e.g. test or examination. It is therefore important that schools ensure that all learners complete the practical assessment tasks within the stipulated period to ensure that learners are resulted at the end of the school year. The planning and execution of the PAT differ from subject to subject.

The Structure of Mechanical Technology Grade 12 Practical Assessment Tasks 

Below is the structure that Grade 12 Mechanical Technology students should follow:

Teachers MUST build a prototype of the task in order to be able to demonstrate to the learners what the final product will look like. It will guide the learners with visual presentation. It provides the teacher with insight into possible challenges regarding machines, equipment or material and what possible manufacturing procedures he/she needs to follow in the workshop in order to complete the PAT.

List of Mechanical Technology Grade 12 PAT

2022 PAT

2021 PAT

2020 PAT

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