New Economic Paradigm Grade 12 Essay Guide

Writing an essay on the new economic paradigm for a Grade 12 level can be quite an engaging task. Let’s break it down using the guidelines you provided to make it easier to understand:


Start by introducing what the new economic paradigm is. In simple terms, this paradigm focuses on making long-term, stable decisions about demand and supply in the economy, rather than using quick fixes through monetary and fiscal policies. You can think of it like planning a balanced diet for long-term health instead of just eating painkillers whenever you feel unwell. The idea is to smooth out the rough patches in the economy in a way that’s sustainable.

Body: Main Part

Demand-Side Policies:

  1. What They Are: These policies focus on the total demand in the economy. It’s like looking at how much money everyone is spending together – households, firms, and the government.
  2. Effects of Increased Demand: When there’s more spending, the economy grows, but this can also lead to inflation (when prices of things go up).
  3. Inflation Details: Explain how inflation happens when demand increases faster than supply. It’s like if everyone wants to buy a certain sneaker, but there aren’t enough of them, the price of the sneakers will go up.
  4. Unemployment: Discuss how these policies help grow the economy, which can lead to more jobs. More jobs mean less unemployment, but sometimes this can also increase inflation. The Phillips curve, which shows the relationship between unemployment and inflation, is a good thing to mention here.

Supply-Side Policies:

  1. Reducing Costs: Talk about lowering the costs of things needed by businesses, like transport, communication, and utilities.
  2. Administrative Costs: Mention how lowering costs related to regulations and laws can help businesses.
  3. Cash Incentives: Discuss subsidies for businesses in areas with high unemployment, or support for exporters.
  4. Improving Efficiency of Inputs: Talk about how lower taxes, replacing capital goods, and improving workforce skills can boost productivity.
  5. Efficiency of Markets: Here, you can discuss deregulation (making fewer laws and rules), encouraging competition, and leveling the playing field between private and public businesses.


Wrap it up by summarizing the key points. Stress how the new economic paradigm aims for a balanced approach, looking at both the demand and supply sides. It’s like a strategy in a soccer game; you need both a good offense (demand-side) and a solid defense (supply-side) to win the match. Emphasize that the ultimate goal is a stable, smoothly running economy.

Remember, in your essay, you want to explain these concepts in a way that’s easy to understand but also shows your grasp of the subject. Think of real-life examples that relate to these ideas to make your essay more relatable and interesting. Good luck!

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