Nothing but the Truth questions and answers

On this page you will find, Nothing but the Truth novel study tips, with comprehension and contextual questions and answers.

In a contextual question, you are given an extract (about 25–30 lines) from the Nothing but the Truth novel. You then have to answer questions based on the extract. Some answers you can find in the extract. Other questions will test your understanding of other parts of the novel: its story, characters, symbols and themes. Some questions ask for your own opinion about the novel.

Read the extract below and then answer the questions that follow.

[Thando and Sipho talk before they leave for the airport with Mr Khahla.]

nothing but the truth extract
nothing but the truth extract

List of Questions

  1. State the relationship between the two speakers in this extract. (1)
  2. Refer to line 1 (“Have you tried to find her?”). About whom are Thando and Sipho speaking? (1)
  3. Refer to line 2 (“She left me … to be found.”). If you were the stage director of this play, what would you:
    a) Tell Sipho to do while saying these words? (1) b) Want his face to express? (1)
  4. What do Thando’s words in lines 1 to 11 tell us about her
    feelings? State TWO points.
  1. Refer to lines 16 and 17 (“Are we going … in the hearse?”).
    Why do Thando and Sipho arrange for a hearse to go to the
    airport? (1)
  2. Complete the following sentence by filling in the missing word.
    Write down only the question number and the word.
    Sipho never talks about … because he is afraid of losing
    Thando to him. (1)

7. Is the following statement TRUE or FALSE? Write ‘true’ or ‘false’ and give a reason for your answer.
Mandisa’s father was killed by the police.


nothing but the truth answers
nothing but the truth answers

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