Problem Statement Example with Objectives in Nursing Research

Problem Statement Example with Objectives in Nursing Research: A problem statement is a concise and clear explanation of an issue or situation that needs to be addressed or solved. It defines the problem and the context in which it occurs. The problem statement identifies the main issue that the research or project aims to solve, and it highlights why the issue is important. It helps to set the direction for the research or project and serves as a guide for decision-making.

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A good problem statement should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It should also be clear and concise, providing a focused description of the problem to be addressed. A well-formulated problem statement is critical in ensuring that the research or project is targeted at addressing the real issue at hand, and can guide the identification of appropriate solutions.

In nursing research, the problem statement and objectives should be developed with the aim of improving healthcare outcomes, addressing gaps in knowledge or practice, and enhancing patient care.

Problem Statement Example with Objectives in Nursing Research

Here is an example of a problem statement and objectives for a nursing research project:

Problem statement: The use of traditional pain management strategies for postoperative patients may not be adequate in addressing their pain, leading to prolonged hospital stays, increased healthcare costs, and reduced patient satisfaction. There is a need to explore alternative pain management strategies to improve patient outcomes.


  1. To identify alternative pain management strategies that can be implemented for postoperative patients.
  2. To compare the effectiveness of traditional and alternative pain management strategies in reducing pain and improving patient satisfaction.
  3. To assess the impact of implementing alternative pain management strategies on healthcare costs and length of hospital stays.
  4. To develop evidence-based recommendations for the implementation of effective pain management strategies for postoperative patients.

The problem statement and objectives outline the issue being addressed, the specific goals of the research, and the expected outcomes. This helps to guide the research process and ensure that the research is focused on improving healthcare outcomes and addressing gaps in practice.

Research Topics for South African Nursing Students

Here are some potential research topics in nursing that are specific to South Africa:

  1. The impact of nurse staffing levels on patient outcomes in South African hospitals.
  2. The prevalence and management of pressure ulcers in South African long-term care facilities.
  3. The effectiveness of South African nursing education programs in preparing graduates for clinical practice.
  4. The impact of cultural beliefs and practices on end-of-life care in South African hospitals.
  5. The effectiveness of telehealth programs in improving access to healthcare for rural and underserved populations in South Africa.
  6. The prevalence and management of medication errors in South African hospitals.
  7. The role of nurses in promoting breastfeeding practices among new mothers in South Africa.
  8. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the nursing workforce in South Africa.
  9. The experiences and challenges of South African nurses working in rural and remote areas.
  10. The effectiveness of nurse-led interventions in improving diabetes management in South Africa.

These are just a few potential research topics in nursing that are specific to South Africa. Researchers may also explore other important topics such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on nursing practice, the effectiveness of nursing leadership in improving healthcare outcomes, and the impact of violence on nursing practice in South Africa.

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