Professional Engineering Practice NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers & Learning Material

Professional Engineering Practice NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers with memorandums & Learning Material in pdf downloadable format for Term 1 (March) , Term 2 (June), Term 3 (September), and Term 4 (November). This subject introduces students to the code of ethics in the engineering world of work. It explains the engineering profession, its role, the role of engineering professional bodies, as well as the impact of engineering on both society and the environment. It introduces students to effective communication through graphics, drawings and graphs. It also embeds the basics of computer programming, as well as small scale computer aided design.. Professional Engineering Practice (Engineering And Related Design) is a  Level 4 subject.

This is a one year instruction programme comprising of 200 teaching and learning hours. The subject may be offered on a part-time basis provided all assessment requirements set out hereunder are adhered to.
Students with special educational needs (LSEN) must be catered for in a way that eliminates barriers to learning.

Professional Engineering Practice Level 4 Past Exam Papers and Memos

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