Let’s explore the reasons why people don’t participate in community activites. Every community knows exactly what nature of problems they are currently suffering from. When communities don’t have hope anymore in the existing structure of governance, they form solidarity and ensure the solution is achieved for the benefit of all. Participating in community activities brings forth much-needed solutions quicker. However, community leaders often face resistance from some individuals of the very same communities.

How can you encourage others in the community to do their role

As a community leader, how will you convince and encourage the members of your community to take part in community activities?

  • expose the community’s concerns in a way that everyone understands
  • show the benefits that will be attained through everyone’s involvement
  • show the importance of everyone’s voice and efforts in attaining the solutions

Why is it important to be involved in your community

Many problems that are rotting the communities have been overcome through active participation in community activities. Through community involvement, the following types of problems in communities are often prioritized:

  • lack of education facilities such as schools, universities and libraries
  • high crime rate
  • exposing corrupt officials
  • drugs problems
  • xenophobia issues
  • lack of health facilities such as hospitals and clinics

Reasons why people don’t participate in community activities

  • they don’t believe in the leader of the campaign
  • they don’t believe in the purpose of the activities
  • they were not educated about the purpose of the campaign
  • they think their opinions don’t matter
  • depending on the risky nature of the community activity, some people might be scared to get involved
  • their religions don’t allow them to engage in such activities
  • the activities are discriminatory in nature: gender, race, culture, language, and credentials.

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