Sho Madjozi Educational Background and Biography

Sho Madjozi Educational Background and Biography: Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif (born 9 May 1992), known professionally as Sho Madjozi, is a South African rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and poet. Regarded as one of the best performers in Africa, Madjozi incorporates the Tsonga culture through her music and public image.

Sho Madjozi Educational Background

Sho Madjozi Educational Background
Sho Madjozi Educational Background

After graduating high school at the International School of Tanganyika in Tanzania, Madjozi was offered a scholarship to Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, US to study creative writing and African studies. While in the US, she started writing poems under a pen name of MayaThePoet.

The poems were about politics, identity and race. Madjozi returned to South Africa where she took up a fellowship in studying at the University of South Africa, Johannesburg, while also planned songwriting for other local artists. After her return to South Africa, she began rapping and composing music under her stage name “Sho Madjozi”. Madjozi rose to fame after her collaboration with rapper Okmalumkoolkat on the track “Ngiyashisa Bhe” and the hit single, “Gqi”.

Sho Madjozi’s Parents

Sho Madjozi parents
Sho Madjozi with her mother

Her name of her mother is Rosemary Phaweni, an African mother and Marc Wegerif, a Swedish father. Madjozi is the only daughter and child of her parents but has half-siblings from both her dad and mum.

Her dad ran a non-governmental organization and traveled to different countries. As a teenager, she traveled with her father to many places like Dar es Salaam in T anzania and Senegal.

Madjozi’s parents had their divorce when she was a young age and her mother solely took care of her afterward.

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