Social Science Grade 4 Term 1 Project: Local History

Social Science Grade 4 Term 1 Project: Local History on Museum Display



STEP 1: 

1. Gather information from your local area (past or present) and make a museum display of every day objects. 

2. Collect different kinds of information from pictures, photographs, written information, small objects from home or from your community. 

3. Ask the following questions on photographs: Where is the place? Who are the people in the photograph? What does the photograph show? How old is the photograph? 

4. Ask the following questions when using books, newspapers, leaflets etc: What is the name of the book, newspaper, leaflet etc? What is the name of of the person that wrote the book? When was it written? What is the article all about? 

5. If you use objects ask the following questions: What is the object made of? Who made the object? How old is the object? What does it tell us about the people who used it? 

STEP 2: 

1. Label all the information or objects you have gathered on your local area. Tell us what kind of information it is and what it tells you about the local area. 

2. Use the answers on the questions you have asked to label the information or objects. 

3. Decide how and where you will display all the information you have gathered. 

4. The information you have collected will give you a much broader picture of your local area. 

PART 3: 

1. Identify and interview ONE child or adult who has made a big or small difference in your area. 

2. The following questions may be asked: What do you like about the local area? Have you been involved with any changes in your local area? Are things better today than in the past? 

3. Write down THREE sentences on what the person did to make a difference. 

4. This information should also be carefully arranged and display in your museum. 

5. Good luck! 



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Hint to teachers: 

  • Issue the project about the museum display at the beginning of the term. The learners need to note that they will be formally assessed on this topic. 
  • Learners also need to know the assessment criteria (derived from your aims and skills) that will be used: 
    • o They need to bring together information from different sources e.g. pictures, photographs, text, small objects from home/community. 
    • o The information selected needs to be relevant. This is a skill, show the learners how e.g. types of questions to ask when using books, newspapers, leaflets, photographs/pictures and objects. 
    • o Show them how to label the relevant information and how to write it in a coherent way. This can be a teaching moment. 
    • o Their museum display should include pictures, photographs, written text etc, relevant labels and the name and three sentences of the person in the local area that has made a difference. 
  • The task needs to be completed under controlled conditions to ensure authenticity. 
  • Determine a due date and three monitoring dates (a notice displayed in the classroom will remind them). 

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