South African Poems for Grade 8 Learners

South African Poems for Grade 8: South Africa is a country brimming with diversity and culture, reflected in its rich literary tradition. Poetry, in particular, is a powerful medium of expression, enabling individuals to articulate their experiences, thoughts, and emotions. For Grade 8 learners, understanding and appreciating this art form can provide valuable insights into South Africa’s societal fabric, history, and identity. Two beautifully crafted South African poems, “South Africa” by Phendulo and “Loving Woman” by Nyeleti, illustrate this vividly.

South African Poems for Grade 8 Learners



By Phendulo

A beautiful country
Lovable and like me
This is South Africa

Rainbow colors
Black white green
Red and yellow
Afrikaans English Nguni South
Unite us
Make us proud
Let us build a nation

God Bless Africa
Let you Holy Spirit be with us
God Bless our families
God Bless our schools
Gob Bless our teachers
Give them strength to open our minds

God Bless our President
Let him lead our country
With love peace and happiness


By Nyeleti

She is a loving woman
Caring brave
She has humanity
Dignified brave

Mother of the nation
Building on a rock
Healing where it hurts
A real loving woman

She is a woman
Her love is as hard
Harder than steel
But warmer than a heater

A loving woman
A comforter

A creator
Helping those in need
An inspiration to others
A born leader

What a loving woman
If you strike her
You feel like
You are striking a rock
U nga khomi vavasati va vanhu
She is a loving woman

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