Technical Science Grade 12 Teachers guide pdf: The main aim of Technical Sciences is to support learners in the three focus areas of technology, namely Mechanical Technology, Electrical Technology and Civil Technology.

Learners will have an NQF Level 4 competence in Technical Sciences.

Learners attending Technical High Schools will be able to integrate scientific knowledge in their subject offerings in Technology in a more informed way. Scientific concepts and skills will also be more accessible to learners that have a technical orientation in schooling. Technical Sciences is an enabling subject that will address the needs of the industry and the technology subjects and promoting the study of technology in schools.

Skills that learners will acquire include classifying, communicating, measuring, designing an investigation, drawing and evaluating conclusions, formulating models, hypothesising, identifying and controlling variables, observing and comparing, interpreting, predicting, problem-solving and reflecting. The main skills will be practical application and observing simulations.

Technical Sciences will prepare learners for further education and training, employment, citizenship, holistic development and socio-economic development. It is envisioned that learners choosing Technical Sciences as a subject in Grades 10 – 12 will have improved access to applied technology courses, vocational career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities. Technical Sciences will also promote skills development in the fields of technology, thus promoting economic growth and social well-being of more citizens in our country.

Technical Sciences Topics

  • Mechanics
  • Waves, Sound and Light
  • Matter and Materials
  • Electricity
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Change

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