The impact of climate change on the economy of South Africa Essay Question Type

On this section, we will explore the impact of climate change on the economy of South Africa. This is a typical essay type of question. Just remember, when you write an essay type of answer, you should:

  • give a proper Introduction about climate change and its detrimental effects to the economy,
  • the body of the essay should be made up of setences that describe various types of impacts on the South African economy.
  • provide a brief summary as well as your final sstatement as a conclusion of the essay.

The impact of climate change on the economy of South Africa

Climate change is one of the greatest concerns for all countries all over the world, including South Africa. Climate change is and will cause havoc in the South African Economy unless serious steps towards remedial actions are taken sooner.

Climate change due to global warming is causing warmer temperatures, sea-level rise, and extreme weather that damages property and critical infrastructure, impact human health and productivity, and negatively affect sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and tourism in South Africa. Due to climate change, the demand for energy will increase as power generation becomes less reliable, and water supplies will be stressed. 

Agricultural Sector, the biggest victim

The agricultural section of the economy is one that will suffer the most due to climate change. Below are some of the reasons why:

  • Heavy rains due to climate change cause unbearable floods that significantly damage crops
  • Extreme temperatures expose plants and livestock to great risk. Which leads to a great revenue loss and ultimately jobs and business loss.

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