On this page, we will describe the relationship between British Airways and Kulula Airways. Both Kulula Airways and British Airways operate under one big umbrella, Comair Limited. But the relationship extends further than that.

What is an Interline Agreement between Airlines?

Do you know what an Interline Agreement is? Well, Interline Agreement is a commercial agreement between two Airlines in which one airline can sell the other’s segments, and each airline will maintain its own code, allowing you to easily identify the operating airline. For Kulula and British Airways, this agreement means, customers of each airline, can all benefit from Kulula and British Airways offers.

What are the benefits for Interline Agreement between Airlines?

Interline Agreement offers benefits to both the customers of the airline as well as the airlines themselves.

  • Airlines benefits – one of the biggest benefits for the Interline agreement is that airlines in this agreement can operate at higher capacity utilisation and therefore at lower average total cost per seat.
  • Customer benefits – for the customers, interline agreement offers more convenient, flexibility and lower cost services for connecting passengers and cargo.

Examples of Interline Agreements

Apart from the South African interline agreement discussed on this page, there are many examples of this type of agreement all over the world. The individual examples of Interline Agreements can’t even fit on this page. Internationally, interline agreements are classified per categories:



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