Top 3 Distance Learning Accounting Courses in South Africa

On this page, we list the top 3 accounting courses that you can study via the distance learning approach in South Africa. The key to finding the best accounting courses is to first identify the top educational institutions that are offering accounting courses.

South Africa has plenty of internationally accredited institutions to pursue your accounting dream career.

List of Top 3 Distance Learning Accounting Courses in South Africa

When you are looking for an accounting job, with one of the following qualifications on your CV, most employers already know you are a qualified accountant:

  1. University of Cape Town Accounting Course – This is a fully online distance learning accounting course, which consists of 9 modules in accounting which are: The Fundamentals of Accounting: part 1 and part 2, Drafting Financial Statements: Part 1 and part 2, Drafting Budgets, Measuring and Evaluating Financial Performance, Internal Control and Accounting Systems, Business Tax, and Credit Management and Control Apply Here
  2. University of Johannesburg’s Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy – This is a degree course that is split over four years of distance learning. Modules are undertaken over a seven-week period. The following are the modules to complete: Accounting, Economics, Financial Management 11 and 12, Principles of Business, Ethical Foundations to Commerce, Governance, Risk, Management and Control, Auditing, Case study. Apply Here
  3. Unisa Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Financial Accounting – This is a full degree course that is completed after three years of study. Apply Here

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