Tourism Grade 11 Skills Assessment Task Questions and Answer Guide

Tourism Grade 11 Skills Assessment Task Questions and Answer Guide:

Grade 11 Tourism Skills Assessment 2023 Task 1 Questions and Memo: The Tourism Skills Assessment Task 1 for Grade 11 in 2023 aimed to assess problem-solving and critical thinking skills of students. The task focused on the revival of the tourism industry to meet Covid-19 challenges and the reform of the tourism transport industry.

The purpose of this assessment was to develop critical thinking skills in students, which are essential in many situations that they may encounter in the 21st century. The Tourism industry requires employees to think quickly and creatively, especially during the pandemic, where they must improvise and meet challenges through critical analysis and thinking skills.

The TSA tested the students’ critical thinking skills and their knowledge of the Tourism Industry Transport Sector in the context of COVID-19. The students were required to collect, analyze, organize and critically evaluate information based on current events. By doing so, they were expected to propose solutions to revive the tourism industry and reform the transport sector to meet the challenges of the pandemic.

Tourism Grade 11 2023 Skills Assessment Task Questions and Answer Guide

Grade 11 Tourism Skills Assessment 2023 Task 1 Questions and Memo for Gauteng

  1. Read the instructions carefully: Before you begin the task, make sure you understand what is required of you. Read the instructions carefully and make note of any specific requirements or guidelines.
  2. Research the topic: In order to complete the task, you may need to do some research on the topic. Use reliable sources such as textbooks, academic journals, and reputable websites.
  3. Plan your approach: Once you understand the task requirements and have done some research, plan out your approach. Create an outline or brainstorm ideas to help you organize your thoughts and ensure you cover all the required areas.
  4. Use relevant examples: When completing the task, use relevant examples and case studies to support your points. This will show that you have a good understanding of the topic and can apply your knowledge to real-world situations.
  5. Proofread and edit: Before submitting your completed task, make sure to proofread and edit it carefully. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, ensure your ideas are clearly presented, and that you have followed the instructions correctly.

By following these steps, you can approach a tourism skills assessment task with confidence and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Question 1: Airports, Airlines and Flights

Scenario 1:

The National Minister of Tourism has been tasked by President Cyril Ramaphosa to put together a task team to investigate tourism challenges in South Africa that had been there in 2022. The team was commissioned to travel around the country to get a clearer picture of the challenges faced by the country. The team of delegates from different provinces of South Africa have decided to fly to Gauteng to have a briefing session with the minister before embarking on their trip.  As a member of the task team, you will be taking a business class flight from King Shaka International Airport to Gauteng. You were given the option of joining a chartered flight which is a connecting flight from Virginia Airport (private airport just outside Durban) to Pietermaritzburg Airport, but the time schedule does not fit your schedule for the day and hence the reason for you taking a business class flight.  The proposed schedule is as follows, with the modes of transport:  Day 1-3 – Gauteng (business class flight)  Day 4-6 – Western Cape (chartered flight)  Day 7-9 – Eastern Cape (coach to Western Cape)  Day 10 – Northern Cape (chartered coach)  Day 11-13 – Mpumalanga and Limpopo (business class flight)  Day 14-15 – Free Sate and Northwest Province (Rented vehicle)  Day 16-19 – KZN (business class flight).

Answers (Memorandum Guide)

The task requires the team to compile an A5 three-page travel information booklet. The booklet should cover the following topics:

  1. Explain the difference between a connecting and a chartered flight
  2. Explain the difference between Virginia Airport and King Shaka International in terms of physical structure
  3. Name and provide a brief description of the THREE parts of King Shaka International Airport (6).
  4. Provide the new names (as of February 2021) for:
    1. The city of Port Elizabeth (1). Answer: Gqeberha
    2. The international airport in the city where the task team will arrive on day 7 (1).
  5. Use the map of the nine provinces provided to indicate the location of ALL airports required for the domestic flights mentioned in the scenario by using symbols. A legend or key should be included to describe the symbols
  6. Name and discuss FOUR ways how travelers should be considerate towards other travelers during the flight. View the answer here

Question 2: Flights Schedule, Seating Configurations and Boarding Pass

Name TWO airlines currently operating in South Africa for domestic flights. Answer: South African Express and Airlink

Read the extract below and answer the question that follows: 

Give TWO benefits for travellers of receiving the Inflight magazine online.


  1. Convenience: By receiving the inflight magazine online, travelers can access it at any time during their journey, even before the flight. This allows them to plan and prepare for their trip in advance, as well as have something to read during the flight. Additionally, they don’t need to worry about carrying a physical magazine with them, which can be bulky and take up valuable space in their luggage.
  2. Sustainability: Inflight magazines can be a significant source of waste in the aviation industry, with thousands of copies being printed and distributed on each flight. By providing the magazine online, airlines can significantly reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability. This can appeal to travelers who are environmentally conscious and prefer to support companies that prioritize sustainable practices.

Read the extract from the FlySafair website below and answer the question that follows:

The airline has the option of a blocked seat.

Explain how the blocked seat option will be to the benefit of the task team.


The blocked seat option will be beneficial for the task team as it will provide them with additional space and privacy during their flight. This option is particularly useful for those who are looking for more comfort and convenience during their business trip or romantic weekend getaway. By booking the blocked seat, the task team can work or relax comfortably without worrying about sharing the middle seat with a stranger. This feature also enables the team to employ a degree of social distancing during their journey, which can be reassuring given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, the blocked seat option provides the task team with more control and flexibility over their travel experience, allowing them to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences.

Task: The task team needs to arrive in Cape Town at 11:00 on Friday. Choose the most appropriate flight for them considering their preferences as VIP guests. Use ADDENDUM C on Page 13. Draw a table and provide the following information for the flight:

  • Preferred Airline
  • Flight Number
  • Price per person
  • Elapsed / Flight Time

Create an electronic boarding pass for one of the task team members, using the information gathered


Once you have completed the Tourism Skills Assessment task, please complete the following reflection activity.

  • Which of Question 1 or Question 2 did you enjoy completing the most? Give reasons for your preference.
  • Which part of completing the Tourism Skills Assessment task did you find the most challenging and why?
  • Recommend how you would improve this Tourism Skills Assessment task, giving details of the improvement.
  • List the insights that completing this Tourism Skills Assessment task brought to you.

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Tourism Grade 11 2023 Skills Assessment Task

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