On this page, we will give two examples of an advocacy campaign and also discuss two ways in which it can raise awareness.

  • Defining Advocacy– Advocacy in its true meaning is referred to the act of representing, defending, supporting or intervening on behalf of an individual, group, or community, with an intention of creating fairness and social justice in society.
  • Defining Campaign – a campaign is a planned series of actions intended to achieve a particular aim.

Two Examples of Advocacy Campaigns in South Africa

#One: Orange Farm Human Rights Advice Centre – Orange Farm is one of the largest informal settlements in SA


  • The project is an advice centre that deals with evictions, domestic violence, child abuse, and disability issues.
  • It assists refugees and asylum seekers, and helps people to get birth certificates and ID documents.

#Two: Youth Rights Project – Young people are expected to pass on what they know and to start projects to improve human rights situations.


  • This project organises human rights training workshops for youth representatives.
  • The aim is to build values and develop responsibility, expertise, skills and understanding of rights that give youth opportunities.

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