UJ Students Pregnancy Policy

UJ Students Pregnancy Policy for 2023 studies: Unplanned pregnancy can cause a lot of stress and dispair amongst university students. Without any doubt, pregnancy in the middle of university studies will negatively affect studies, as well as the life of students (mostly females). Amongst others, pregnacy during studies, is accompanied by irregular class attendance and poor school performance during and after pregnancy often leading to the girls dropping out of varsity. This inevitably influences future work opportunities and careers in a negative way, and ultimately contributes to the rise of unemployment among the youth of South Africa.

UJ Students Pregnancy Policy 2023

If you do fall pregnant during your studies at the University of Johannesburg, you will receive the necessary support possible in order to ease the burden and effects of pregnancy on your studies. The University acknowledges a person’s right to make decisions concerning reproduction as stipulated in the Constitution and subsequent health-related legislation and the Bill of Rights, and therefore does not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against any pregnant student. Furthermore, the University acknowledges the right of a person to have her dignity respected and protected. This also applies to the right to confidentiality as stated in the Patient’s Rights Charter. No person/patient may be forced to divulge any information regarding their health, nor may a third party do so without the informed written consent from the person/patient. 

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