On this page we will recommend ways in which a personal lifestyle plan could be used to effectively enhance your ability to overcome the stress of writing Grade 12 examination.

What is a lifestyle plan?

A lifestyle plan is a plan to life life in a certain desired way. The aim of lifestyle planning is to create a balance between what is important to and important for the person, thereby providing opportunities for the person to get the most out of life while remaining healthy and safe.

The best life style plan is the one which enables you to live a healthy and balanced life. The plan that you choose should include the following:

  • physical exercise
  • enough sleep
  • healthy habits
  • emotional health

Tips on best personal lifestyle plan to help in writing Grade 12 Exams

The following are some of the recommend ways in which a personal lifestyle plan could be used to effectively enhance a learner’s ability to overcome the stress of writing the grade 12 exams:

  • Meditation is a one of the natural methods of relieving stress. Simple deep breathing exercises can assist tremendously in relieving stress. Meditation helps to calm the mind for better concetration on studies.
  • Exercise and eat healthy foods regularly. Eat healthy foods and exercise at least 3 times a week to enhance your focus on studies and revision.
  • Avoid excess caffeine intake which can increase feelings of anxiety and agitation.
  • Don’t use illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco as these are dentrimental to your productive liofe cycle.
  • Learn practical and effective coping skills. For example, break a large task into smaller, more attainable tasks.
  • Decrease negative self talk. Challenge negative thoughts about yourself with alternative neutral or positive thoughts. “My life will never get better” can be transformed into “I may feel hopeless now, but my life will probably get better if I work at it and get some help.”
  • Learn to feel good about doing a competent job rather than demanding perfection from yourself and others.
  • Take a break from stressful situations. Activities like listening to music, talking to a friend, drawing, writing, or spending time with a pet can reduce stress.
  • Build a network of friends who help you cope and preoritise studies in a positive way

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