What is the Pass Mark for Maths Literacy?

What is the pass mark for Maths Literacy?

Understanding the Pass Mark for Mathematical Literacy in South Africa: University Entrance Requirements

In the South African education system, understanding the pass mark for subjects, including Mathematical Literacy (Maths Lit), is crucial, particularly when considering university entrance requirements. This article seeks to clarify the passing thresholds for Maths Lit and to discuss what is needed for university admission.

What is the Pass Mark for Maths Literacy?

The pass mark for Mathematical Literacy (Maths Lit) in South Africa is 40% for Grades 10 through 12. The achievement levels are graded as follows:

  • Level 1: 0-29% (Not achieved)
  • Level 2: 30-39% (Elementary achievement)
  • Level 3: 40-49% (Moderate achievement – Pass)
  • Level 4: 50-59% (Adequate achievement)
  • Level 5: 60-69% (Substantial achievement)
  • Level 6: 70-79% (Meritorious achievement)
  • Level 7: 80-100% (Outstanding achievement)

For university entrance, a higher achievement level is often required. Most universities require at least a Level 4 (50-59%, Adequate achievement) in at least four subjects from the designated subject list, which includes Maths Lit. However, specific admission requirements can vary by university and program, so it’s crucial to check the details for each institution and course.

University Entrance Requirements

The general requirement for university admission in South Africa is a National Senior Certificate with a bachelor’s degree pass. This involves:

  • Achieving 40% or more in at least four subjects from the designated subject list, which includes Maths Lit, at a rating level of 4 (Adequate achievement)
  • Providing proof of language proficiency, usually by achieving a rating level of 4 in the language of learning and teaching at the university
  • Attaining a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching

It’s important to note that specific universities and courses might have more stringent admission requirements. For example, for more competitive programs, a higher achievement level in Maths Lit may be required. Some courses might not accept Maths Lit at all and may require Pure Mathematics. Therefore, always check the specific requirements of the courses and universities you’re interested in.

Additionally, meeting the minimum requirements doesn’t guarantee admission, as universities also consider other factors such as the number of available spaces and the overall performance of applicants.

Achieving a pass in Mathematical Literacy requires a minimum of 40%, but university admission often requires a higher level of achievement, at least 50%. The specific requirements vary depending on the university and the course, so it’s crucial to research thoroughly to ensure that you meet these standards. This research will help you align your academic efforts accordingly and increase your chances of being admitted to your desired university course.

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