On this page we will motivate why earning good marks at grade 11 may significantly enhance your chances of provisional acceptance at tertiary after completion of grade 12.

If you are planning on entering higher education after school, remember that most of the higher education institutions will do a provisional selection based on your Grade 11 results. When you submit your admission application form, you need to submit your final Grade 11 report. You will then submit your original Grade 12 results when registering with the higher education institution.

Reasons why Earning Good Marks at Grade 11 is Important for Acceptance at Tertiary

  • Universities and tertiary institutions decide if they should consider you based on your grade 11 marks
  • Grade 11 marks are an indicaion that you will perform in your Grade 12 final exams
  • Grade 11 marks can be used by ourself to decide what careers and courses you feel confident about to pursue at tertiary level

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