The Hungarian Government is offering 100 scholarships to South African students to study at participating public university in Hungary. 
Most of the available courses are taught in English. 

Degree level
  • Bachelors (30)
  • Masters (60)
  • PhD (10)
The application process is open from 11 December 2017 – 16 February 2018 from Tempus Foundation.
  • Be a South African citizen in good health;
  • Have a strong academic record:
    • Bachelor’s applicants require a minimum average of 70% in their NSC (excl LO);
    • Postgraduate applications require a minimum of 65% in their previous studies
  • An interest in studying in Hungary and demonstrated commitment to the development of South Africa;
  • Available to study in Hungary from September 2018 (postponements will not be granted);
  • Meet the entry criteria for their selected programme in Hungary;
  • Meet the minimum academic requirement for entry into a similar programme at a South African university.
Fields of study
Bachelors: (30) natural sciences and sustainable environment, engineering and information technology, agricultural science and food science.
Scholarships for medical degrees are not available under this programme.
Masters: (20) natural sciences (especially biotechnology, bioenergetics and renewable energy), (10) engineering (especially mining engineering, information technology); (10) economics, business and management studies and tourism; (10) agricultural science and food science; (5) physical education and coaching, and adult education, and human resources development; (5) international relations and European studies; and Hungarian language studies.
PhD: All fields of study (10)
A list of available courses and institutions is available here
Information about studying and living in Hungary is available here
Application process
The applications must be submitted online, with all supporting documents: (11 December 2017 to 16 February 2018).
Only application submitted on the Tempus Foundation website will be assessed by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training for nomination.
South African applicants do not need to undertake an English language proficiency test.
PHD applicants are required to visit the Hungarian Doctoral Council website on before submitting their application. The website provides information about the Hungarian doctoral schools, available research field and research topics as well as the supervisors of the doctoral students. Thesis topic proposals are also available here.
Review process
Stage one:          Your documents will be screened by both Tempus Foundation and the DHET, applicants who meet the minimum requirement will be considered for the scholarship.
Only candidates who meet minimum requirement will be requested to complete a DHET form, which will be emailed only to those who are eligible on 27 February 2018. The deadline for submission of the DHET form will be 5 March 2018.
Stage two:          Your DHET application, along with all the documents submitted online will be sent to two reviewers for assessment.
Stage three:       Applicants who pass Stage 2 will be invited to attend an interview, which will be held in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth (or via Skype in special circumstances)                            from 19 March to 27 March 2018.
Stage four:          Nominated candidates will be informed that they have been nominated for the scholarship by 5 April 2018. Their documents will then be reviewed by their first choice of                              institution that they have identified in their application. They will be contacted directly by the institution for assessments and/or telephone interviews.
Applicants who are not nominated for the scholarship will be notified by email.
Successful candidates will be informed on three different dates:
  • 31 May 2018 (80%)
  • 14 June 2018 (15%)
  • 19 July 2018 (5%)

Successful candidates are required to attend the orientation which is scheduled to take place from 24 to 26 July 2018 in Pretoria.
Queries can be submitted to (South African applicants only)
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