Advanced Business Analysis Learning Resources: Notes, Questions and Answers with Guides

On this page, you will find Advanced Business Analysis syllabus learning resources aimed at helping the Universities and College Students who are currently busy with their studies. The resources for Advanced Business Analysis, include Practice Exam Questions and Answers, Previous Exam and Test Papers with answers (where possible), Study Guides and Textbooks, Video Lessons, and more.

The Purpose of Learning Advanced Business Analysis

Advanced Business Analysis provides learners with adequate knowledge that develops confident, competent, multi-skilled professional Business Analysts, who are capable of reducing organisational risk, and increasing organisational value from the deployment of technology-based solutions. Modern thinking now splits the analysis function and as a result, the traditional role of the Systems Analyst has evolved into two distinct new roles: that of the Business Analyst who often reports into the business, and the Solution or Application Architect, who is an IT specialist.

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Advanced Business Analysis Questions and Answers

Below are some of the major common questions (essay and short questions), which Advanced Business Analysis must know the answers to, before preparing for exams and tests assessments:

  1. Explain the multi-skilled role and responsibilities of the modern professional Business
  2. Explain the importance of business analysis Core Concept Model
  3. What is business analysis core concept model
  4. Why business analysis is the core of every project
  5. What are the six business analysis knowledge areas?

Useful Textbooks and Study guides for Advanced Business Analysis learners

Below you will find a list of recommended textbooks and study guides for Advanced Business Analysis.

Downloadable Notes and Resources

Download Advanced Business Analysis notes on pdf below from Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, and Course Instructors:


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