Business Studies Grade 12 notes 2020 pdf Download: Business Studies, Grade 10 – 12, content is divided into four main topics, which are divided further into sub-topics as below. The amount of information that needs to be learned in Business Studies can feel overwhelming, especially to Grade 12 learners. Breaking it down into such categories makes it easier to digest.

The longer sections of the examination papers are also divided into these four topics, so it helps to familiarise yourself with them. Whenever you start a new topic in your Business Studies class, every term, find out which of the main topics it falls under. This will give you an idea of how your exam papers, including the final exam, will be structured.

The Four Main Topics of Business Studies

Business Environment (Weighting 25%)

  • Micro, market and macro environments
  • Business sectors
  • Contemporary socioeconomic issues

Business Venture (Weighting 25%)

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business opportunity and related factors
  • Business Plan
  • Management and Leadership
  • Forms of ownership
  • Setting up a business
  • Contracts
  • Business location
  • Investment: securities and insurance
  • Presentation of business information

Business Role (Weighting 25%)

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Self-management, professionalism and ethics
  • Human rights, inclusivity and environmental issues
  • Social Responsibility
  • Stress, crisis, change and conflict management
  • Relationship and team performance

Business Operation (Weighting 25%)

  • Business functions
  • Quality of performance

Learners Resources Material for Business Studies Grade 12

  • This document should serve as a guide and does not replace any CAPS policy documents, was developed for KZN Business Studies grade 12 teachers and learners.
  • The content/notes are aligned to Examination Guidelines (2020).
  • The NOTES provided in this document have been compiled by GAUTENG Department of Education.
  • Previous NSC & SCE papers, textbooks, study guides, examination guidelines and other sources relevant to the subject were used.
  • Textbooks, examination guidelines, study guides and all other relevant CAPS documents should be used together with this document.

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Business Studies Grade 12 Revision Booklet for 2020 Term 2

This revision program is designed to assist you in revising the critical content and skills covered during the 2nd term. The purpose is to prepare you to understand the key concepts and to provide you with an opportunity to establish the required standard and the application of the knowledge necessary to succeed in the NCS examination.

The revision program covers the following topics:
  • Business Sectors
  • Quality of Performance
  • Management & Leadership
  • Investment: Securities
  • Investment: Insurance
  • Team Performance & Conflict Management

Download the notes here

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