Careers You Can Pursue with Maths Literacy and History

What careers can you do with maths literacy and history? Hey there, future game-changers! So, you’re in high school, and you’ve chosen Maths Literacy and History as your subjects. You might be wondering what careers you can go into with this unique combo. Well, you’re in for a treat, because these subjects can open doors to some super interesting job paths, especially right here in South Africa.

Why Maths Literacy and History Rock Together

First off, let’s chat about why Maths Literacy and History make a cool pair. Maths Literacy gives you essential life skills, like managing your budget or understanding percentages, stuff that comes in handy almost daily. It’s not as advanced as pure Maths, but don’t let anyone tell you it’s not valuable.

On the other side, History gives you the 411 on how societies have changed over time. It sharpens your critical thinking and research skills. When you mix that with the practical knowledge you get from Maths Literacy, you’re well on your way to understanding both numbers and people, a killer combo for many careers.

Careers You Can Pursue with Maths Literacy and History

The following are the careers you can pursue with a combination of Maths Literacy and History subjects:

  1. Tourism and Travel: Budgeting, planning, historical knowledge.
  2. Journalism and Media: Storytelling, data interpretation, context.
  3. Social Work: Community management, budget planning, human behavior.
  4. Public Relations/Human Resources: Communication, budget analysis, societal trends.
  5. Education/Teaching: Subject expertise, curriculum planning, research.

Tourism and Travel

South Africa is a tourism hotspot, with beautiful landscapes and rich history. With Maths Literacy, you can handle the business side of things like budgeting and planning. Your knowledge of History will help you explain the background of tourist spots. You could be a tour guide, travel planner, or even get into tourism marketing.

Journalism and Media

If you’ve got a knack for storytelling, how about becoming a journalist? Your understanding of History helps you put events into context, and Maths Literacy helps you understand statistics and data, which could make your stories more impactful. You could work for newspapers, TV, or even start your own YouTube channel or blog.

Social Work and Community Outreach

Your understanding of people from History and practical life skills from Maths Literacy can also take you into careers like social work. Whether you’re helping to manage a community project or assisting families, these subjects equip you with a broad understanding of people and budgets.

Public Relations or Human Resources

Companies always need people who can communicate well and handle numbers. With Maths Literacy, you could manage budgets or analyze employee performance data. Your History knowledge could help you understand societal trends, making you an asset in creating company policies or public outreach programs.

Education and Teaching

If you love the subjects you’re studying, why not consider teaching them? Maths Literacy and History are both high-demand subjects. You’ll need further training, of course, but you’d be helping to shape the next generation of thinkers.

Don’t Forget the Extra Skills

While Maths Literacy and History give you a solid foundation, don’t underestimate the value of extra skills like computer literacy, public speaking, or even learning a new language. The more you can offer, the cooler jobs you can get.

The Sky’s the Limit

So, there you have it! Maths Literacy and History can take you places you might not have thought of before. The best part? These careers let you use what you’re learning right now in the real world, making a difference in your own unique way. So go ahead, take the leap and aim for the stars!

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