Economic Environment NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers & Learning Material
Economic Environment NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers with memorandums & Learning Material in pdf downloadable format for Term 1 (March) , Term 2 (June), Term 3 (September), and Term 4 (November). Economic Environment introduces students to the world of macro and micro-economics. Students are made aware of the workings of the South African economic system and the basics of international trade. By defining important concepts such as scarcity, choice, supply and demand, students develop an understanding of the world as set of interrelated systems. Economic Environment develops students’ skills of analysing, organising and critically evaluating information when they must assess the dynamics at play in the South African economy and business environment. In this subject, the role of government in the South African economy is identified and explained, which will encourage students to be active citizens of our country and to contribute to the prosperity of the country.. Economic Environment (Finance Economics And Accounting) is a  Level 4 subject. This is a one year instructional programme comprising 200 teaching and learning hours. The subject may be offered on a part-time basis provided the candidate meets all the assessment requirements. Course preparations should consider students with special education needs.

Economic Environment Level 4 Past Exam Papers and Memos

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