On this page, we provide a quick guide and a structure of “Every day is a gift” essay for Grade 12 learners. This kind of essay is typically a short essay of those where you are required to write at least: 200 words, 250 words, or 300 words.

3 Things that will make your Grade 12 Essay outstanding

  • Great introduction: An introduction, which gets the reader’s attention, leads to a purpose statement (e.g., “This essay talks about the importance of every new day that we are gifted with”), in which you explain the purpose and scope of the essay.
  • The main body of the essay: this is where you develop your argument in detail and make reference to other related matters to make your arguments solid.
  • The ending: The conclusion or the ending is where you summarise the main points of your argument and consolidate them into one narrative.

Example: some arguments you might add on your essay for “Every day is a gift “

Perhaps we should commence by a contrary question, why is every day not a gift? As I crack my head and ponder upon this question, I find it rather impossible to “not find” every day as a perfect gift to humanity. This essay talks about the importance of every new day that we are gifted with.

Like every new moon, every season, every year, and indeed every day, we are given as a gift. What is a gift? I would say a gift is something that I cherish, something I did not give to myself. There are plenty of gifts that sustain my being and my presence on mother earth such as a new fresh breath I did not buy, a new heart beat I did not force, a new perfect sleep which is followed by waking up afresh in the perfect morning. All these are gifts to me. All these are the new beginnings and possibilities for me. Just for me. For me and you.

Every day is a gift. “Life is a gift, make good memories out of each moment.”― Martin Ugwu

If we perceive every day as a new gift to us, we will definitely not miss any opportunity that comes with a new day.

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