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Geography Grade 12 Learning Content

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#One: Geography Grade 12 Revision Notes

We have gathered plenty of study notes for Geography Grade 12 subject on CAPS and IEB curriculums. The notes cover all Economics Grade 12 Topics for each term (Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, and Term 4).

Grade 12 Geography Notes per Topics

Climate and weather
  1. Synoptic weather map interpretation
  2. Global winds/planetary winds
  3. Cyclones
    1. Mid-latitude cyclones
    1. Tropical cyclones
    2. Characteristics of mid-latitude cyclones and tropical cyclones
  4. Factors affecting the South African climate
    1. The impact of the ocean and the ocean currents on South Africa’s climate
    2. The impact of the plateau on South Africa’s climate
    3. The impact of the subtropical high-pressure belt on South Africa’s climate
  5. Local Climate (valley and city climate)
    1. Anabatic and katabatic winds
    1. Aspect
    2. City climates
  1. Groundwater
  2. Rivers
    1. Types of rivers
    2. Drainage basins
    3. Stages of a river
    4. River profiles
    5. River capture and rejuvenation
    6. Catchment and river management.
Rural settlement and urban settlement
  1. Study of settlements
    1. Function
    2. Size and complexity
  2. Rural Settlement Grade 12 Geography Revision Notes
    1. Reasons for the location of rural settlements
    2. Rural-urban migration
  3. Urban settlements
    1. Reasons for the location of urban settlements
    2. Types of urban settlements
    3. Structure of an urban area
    4. Urban settlement problems
    5. Economic, social and environmental injustice
Economic Geography of South Africa
  1. Primary economic activities
    1. Farming in South Africa
    2. Mining in South Africa
  1. Secondary economic activities
    1. Industrial development in South Africa
  2. Tertiary economic activities
    1. The informal sector in South Africa
  3. Quaternary economic activities
  4. Understanding graphs and tables
    1. Understanding graphs
    2. Understanding tables
  1. Some basic mapwork concepts
  2. Mapwork calculations
    1. Introduction to mapwork calculations
    2. Mapwork calculations: distance, area and gradient
    3. Mapwork calculations: true bearing, magnetic declination, magnetic bearing, position, map sheet reference, vertical exaggeration
  3. Application of theory to a topographic map and an orthophoto
    1. Climatology
    2. Geomorphology
  4. Geographical information systems – GIS

#Two: Geography Grade 12 Previous Exam Question Papers and Answers

Past Exam Papers for Geography Grade 12 include February/March, June, September, and November the following years: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016. Geography Grade 12 Revision Notes and Past Exam Papers from 2020: List of November 2019 Exam Papers and Memorandum Question Papers (English and Afrikaans) Memos (English and Afrikaans). You will also find exemplars preparatory exam papers for: Gauteng, Limpopo, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Free State, and North West Province.

2022 papers

2021 papers

2020 November

2019 papers

2018 papers

#Three: Geography Grade 12 Study Guides and Textbooks

We have a collection of Geography Grade 12 textbooks and study guides for 2022 learners who wish to pass their exams. Some a free and some you have to purchase:

Geography Mind the Gap study guide: Grade 12 Download

#Four: Geography Grade 12 Teaching Resources

There are plenty of resources for Teachers of Geography Grade 12 such as CAPS Document, Annual Teaching Plans, and Teacher Guides:

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Geography Grade 12 Climatology Notes with Questions and Answers

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Mapwork Skills Notes for Geography Grade 12

What are the main causes of rural-urban migration in South Africa

How can droughts be triggered by human activities in South Africa?

The process responsible for the release of heat energy by the earth to the atmosphere

Three ocean currents which are formed when the south equatorial current reaches a continent

Why do mid-latitude cyclones move from West to East

Do you know what Gas makes up most of the earth’s atmosphere?

The negative impact of radiation on the economy of South Africa

Economic Geography Grade 12 Questions and Answers

One way in which Global Warming Aggravates the Effect of Radiation

How to Calculate Magnetic Declination in Geography

Geography Grade 12 Latest Essays and Topics Guide CAPS

Geography Grade 12 Research Tasks (Topics) and Memos (SBA)

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