On this page you will find Grade 12 Geography map work questions and answers, with notes. You will also find Geography map work Memorandum for Grade 12 for : 2022, 2021,2020, and previous years.

Key focus areas for Geography map work

In Geography Map work, the following are the key focal points:

  • Map scale: the relationship between a distance on a map and the corresponding distance on the earth
  • calculating distance,
  • calculating area,
  • finding places by means of bearings,
  • magnetic declination,
  • magnetic bearing,
  • calculating speed,
  • distance and time,
  • how to construct a cross-section,
  • calculating gradient,
  • vertical exaggeration,
  • intervisibility,
  • calculating the scale of vertical aerial photographs as well as drainage density.

EXAM TIP: You need to practise converting scales from linear to word (statement) to ratios. Scales and distances are important in settlement geography, not just in physical geography, because of what they can tell us about the location, distribution, and relative closeness/distance of human features on a map or orthophoto map.

Map Work Video Lesson for Grade 12

Comprehensive Notes on Map Work for Geography Grade 12

As a geographer, it is important to determine the exact location of phenomenon on the earth’s surface. To do this we make use of what is termed as the coordinate system.

Latitude and longitude

  • Special imaginary lines are used to describe where places are found in the world.
  • These imaginary lines are called lines of latitude and lines of longitude.
  • Lines of latitude run parallel with the equator. The 0° line of latitude is the equator and goes all the way around the globe. It divides the earth into a northern and southern hemisphere.
  • The 0° line of longitude runs parallel with the Greenwich meridian. The Greenwich meridian divides earth into a western and eastern hemisphere

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Map work booklet pdf

Map work Learner book pdf

Geography Telematics pdf

Geography map work Memorandum for Grade 12

Geography map work Memorandums for Grade 12 can be obtained from previous exam papers with their memos below:

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