How Xenophobia in South Africa could effectively be eliminated

On this page, we will critically discuss how Xenophobia in South Africa could effectively be eliminated. South Africa is a country where protests culture is rife. Whether the protests are aimed at xenophobia, service delivery, unemployment, or political party, the aim is to raise much-needed awareness and attract the attention of the country’s leadership in power. The xenophobia issue in South Africa has raised international concerns and attracted negative publicity in fragile South Africa faced with the need to eliminate poverty.

The big question is, how can xenophobia in South Africa be eliminated? Is it possible? Does any country have some sort of xenophobia tendencies too? Ok, lets understand the term “xenophobia” first.

 Xenophobia can be defined as the fear of strangers, foreigners, or immigrants. Xenophobic people often engage in discrimination toward anyone different from themselves who is from a different country

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Three reasons why South Africa struggles with xenophobia

In order to attempt to eliminate xenophobia in South Africa, lets first understand the three main reasons why South Africa struggles with xenophobia

  • The abuse of the laws of a country by immigrants.
  • Employment Deficit : (Foreigners’ competition with Citizens over employment).
  • The incite of citizens of a country against the foreigners in that country by their leaders(political, religious, traditional, organizations and others).

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Three ways how Xenophobia in South Africa could effectively be eliminated

To eliminate xenophobia, we should address the issues which are raised on the above section.

One: Increase the reliability of citizen protection laws

South African citizens should feel protected in their own country by the government. Therefore, therefore, there should be hasher sentences targeting foreigners who are taking advantage of the South African citizens.

TWO: Target and reduce unemployment

Where unemployment is the norm, citizens fight for the fewer available jobs with the foreigners. A higher employment rate will reduce xenophobia in South Africa.

THREE: Hold leaders accountable

Leaders who incite violence against foreigners should be held accountable by the rule of law

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