Life Orientation Grade 12 2023 Task 1 SBT

Life Orientation Grade 12 2023 Source-based Task 1 SBT Questions and Memorandum (Answers):

This page is designed to assist Grade 12 learners in revising for the Life Orientation 2023 Source-based Task 1 (SBT) Questions and Memorandum. The task focuses on three main topics: Development of the Self in Society (DSS), Study Skills (SS), and Careers and Career Choices (CCC).

Under the DSS topic, learners will need to apply a range of life skills required to adapt to change, including stress management, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills. They will also need to revise their own study skills, strategies, and styles to ensure their success.

Under the CCC topic, learners will explore innovative solutions to counteract unemployment, including strategies to prevent fraud and corruption. The purpose of this task is to instill necessary life skills in the youth, enabling them to deal with issues of stress, conflict management, communication, study skills for success, and entrepreneurship as a measure to counteract unemployment.

By completing this task, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of life skills in achieving success and managing challenges in their personal and professional lives. They will also develop critical thinking and analytical skills by analyzing and evaluating sources related to the task topics. Ultimately, this task will equip learners with the tools and knowledge needed to become responsible, productive, and successful members of society.


The purpose of this Task is to instill the necessary life skills to enable the youth to deal with issues of stress, conflict management (resolution), communication, study skills for success and entrepreneurship as one of the measures to counteract unemployment. 

What topics are covered:

  • Apply a range of life skills required to adapt to change 
  • Stress management 
  • Communication skills 
  • Conflict resolution skills 
  • Revise own study skills, strategies and styles 
  • Explore innovative solutions to counteract unemployment 
  • Strategies to prevent fraud and corruption 

Instruction on how to Complete Life Orientation Grade 12 2023 Task 1

  • Learners will spend time outside of class-contact time to collect needed resources for the completion of the Source-based task
  • The collection of information will be guided by the questions. 
  • Learners should digest the information and then respond to application questions based on informed decision-making and problem-solving. 
  • The text does not have answers. Its aim is to introduce the topic/content treated in the questions. 
  • The teacher will actively guide learners on the type and nature of the required material to complete the task. Thus, learners will collect the needed resources to class and the teacher will help them understand the content thereof, in keeping with the questions in each section of the Source-based task, under the framework of the 2023 ATP. 
  • Resources may vary depending on the nature and aim of the Source-based task. 
  • Learners will need adequate guidance at the outset of the Source Based Task and their progress should be monitored throughout by the teacher. 
  • Educators will not give answers to the learners; however, discussions of the related topics/content could be done. The teacher will not directly or indirectly answer the questions on behalf of the learners. 
  • Each completed section must be submitted before the next section (s) is (are) commenced with. 
  • The teacher will indicate if a learner is ready to continue with the next section. 
  • Even if learners may work in groups, individual learner’s attempt will be credited. Therefore, the end product will not be a groups’ product. The task requires the learner to display his/her individual attempt to solve the problems, in keeping with the questions and content treated in the task. 
  • Each activity treats content in an integrated manner. Therefore, learners could only complete the activities in this task after the content related to it has been taught. Therefore, the task is not a teaching aid. 

Mpumalanga Life Orientation Grade 12 2023 Task 1

Activity 1 

Question 1:

Explain the term conflict and provide four reasons why ineffective communication may cause conflict with friends.

(2+4) (6)

Answer: Conflict can be defined as a disagreement or argument between two or more parties. Ineffective communication can cause conflict between friends due to various reasons such as misunderstandings, misinterpretations, different perspectives, and emotional responses. When communication is ineffective, it can lead to a breakdown of trust and understanding, causing tensions and conflicts to arise. View detailed answer here

Question 1.2:

Mention three benefits of effectively communicating with teachers.

(3×1) (3)

Answers: The benefits of effective communication with teachers include building positive relationships, gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and receiving constructive feedback. Effective communication can also help students to clarify doubts and misunderstandings, ultimately leading to improved academic performance. View a detailed answer here

Question 1.3:

Discuss how appropriate expression of views or feelings can enhance effective communication between you and your parents.

(4×2) (8)

Answers: Appropriate expression of views or feelings can enhance effective communication between youth and parents by creating a safe and open environment for communication. When youth express themselves appropriately, parents are more likely to listen and respond positively. This can help to build trust, improve relationships, and ultimately lead to better communication. View a detailed answer here

Question 1.4:

Explain how making early arrangements for higher education could minimize the stress of having to rush after receiving results.

(2×2) (4)

Answers: Making early arrangements for higher education can minimize the stress of rushing after receiving results by providing students with a sense of direction and purpose. By planning ahead, students can research their options, apply for scholarships or bursaries, and make informed decisions about their future. This can help to reduce anxiety and stress, as students feel more in control of their future. View a detailed answer here

Question 1.5:

Recommend three practical ways for school-going youth to establish good communication with teachers. In each answer, also indicate how this could help in tackling the most difficult aspects of their subjects.

(3×2) (6)

Answers: Three practical ways for school-going youth to establish good communication with teachers include attending classes regularly, asking questions when they do not understand, and participating in class discussions. By attending classes regularly, students can keep up with the syllabus, while asking questions and participating in discussions can help them to clarify doubts and misunderstandings. This can ultimately lead to improved understanding and performance in the most difficult aspects of their subjects.

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