Part time Acting Courses for Kids and Adult in South Africa

Part time Acting Courses for Kids and Adult in South Africa: Acting as a career involves more than just performing in movies. Working actors perform in live theater productions, at theme parks, in commercials, and on television shows. As actors start their careers, many work multiple jobs, such as working as extras in films or TV, to support themselves financially.

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List of Part time Acting Courses to enroll for in South Africa

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 This course is designed to emulate the real-world-film-acting environment. Each of the four cycles is designed to shape, mould and prepare our students to become the next generation of industry giants in acting. Our one-year-acting course is intense, engaging and exciting. You will get the opportunity to act in up-to 4 student films during the year.  Everything about this course is designed to help you take your passion and talent and make a career of it. You will also take part in the master class during the course, featuring celebrity actors and film industry giants….read more about this course here

Part-Time Acting Course at The Market Theatre (Johannesburg)

For people who would like to learn more about acting but can’t commit to a full-time programme, the Lab offers a part-time course which meets every Saturday. Classes run in twelve week cycles, allowing new students to join throughout the year. At the end of each cycle, a showcase is held at which the students present what they have been working on in class. Students can choose to continue to the next level after completing a cycle….read more about this course here

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Acting Course for Kids (Cape Town): Act Cape Town

Taught by top industry professionals, our program provides students with a safe and supportive space for learning and creative expression. Develop communication and presentation skills, build confidence, create a vision for your life and open the door to new potential career opportunities. All while learning the magical art of acting for film…read more about this course

Stage Coach Kids Classes

Children aged four to six are introduced to the performing arts through our fabulous range of Early Stages singing, dancing and acting classes. In our singing classes, children learn new songs and find out about rhythm, timing and how sounds are formed. Our dancing classes give kids the confidence to try new dance moves, while our drama sessions allow budding young actors to role play and practise improvisation and storytelling. Weekly classes are held during term time and are split into three 30 minute classes with equal time devoted to singing, dancing and acting. Each term runs for approximately 10 more about this course and how to enroll here