Tourism and Hospitality Management Course at iQ Academy

Tourism and Hospitality Management Course at iQ Academy

Tourism and Hospitality Management Course at iQ Academy


Tourism and Hospitality plays an important role throughout the world today. Even in South Africa a career in, the hospitality, travel and tourism industry is a dynamic and rewarding one. The purpose of this Tourism and Hospitality Management course is to introduce students to both the tourism and hospitality industries.

In the first part of the course the focus is on tourism, more specific, the preparation of a tour plan, identification of possible tourist destinations, bookings of flights and accommodation, flight regulations and software technology available in the industry. In the second part of the course the focus is on hospitality.

Students learn of the different types of accommodation available, star grading system, the structure of different forms of accommodation, front office functions and supervision. Whether you want to do this Tourism and Hospitality Management Course in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg or anywhere in between, you will have equal access to our student support portals and related student services.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the nature of management and the impact of the changing environment on management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental travel industry concepts
  • Understand the importance of having cultural, history and geographical destinations knowledge
  • Gain insight into travel documentation and air travel
  • Gain insight into the hospitality industry
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the function of the receptionist in the hospitality industry

Entry Requirements:

Grade 9 (Std7) and at least 16 years old with the ability to read and write in English, the language of instruction.

Assesment Method:

Students are required to complete and submit one assignment per module. The pass mark for each assignment is 80% unless stated otherwise within the assignment instructions. There are no written examinations for this Course.

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