As published on School teachers are often told that they are lucky as they work half days and get school holidays off. But that is not really the truth.

There are often long hours due to marking tests and essays as well as overseeing sports.

And these hours are about to become even longer.

The increasing number of matriculants has forced teachers to have shorter summer holidays.

Spokesperson at the Department of Basic Education Elijah Mhlanga spoke to Ray White on The Midday Report and said teachers are looking at 12-day December holidays and 16 days for learners.

What it means is, that as a department, we are trying to retrieve a week in 2019 by shortening these December holidays and by asking them to come back to school in the first week of January 2019. That will enable us to have schools close in the first week of December next year.
— Elijah Mhlanga, Spokesperson at Department of Basic Education

This will then give schools a week to complete all the preparation work and the end of year school duties that normally take place at that time.

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