Applied Engineering Technology NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers with memorandums & Learning Material in pdf downloadable format for Term 1 (March) , Term 2 (June), Term 3 (September), and Term 4 (November). Applied Engineering Technology is the achievement of design gain through the evaluation and monitoring of component manufacture by modern technological equipment in the workplace and so allowing new methodology to be developed.
The subject includes considerations of flow and handling of materials; automatic machines; management techniques to reduce work content and ineffective time;. movements of workers in the shop; factory organisation; design and location of a factory; the elements of costs; factory organisation in conjunction with the costing system; purchasing procedure; stores routine (buying and store keeping); labour (employment, time-keeping and time-booking, methods of remuneration); wages; overheads (depreciation and interest on capital); contract costs; factory job cost accounting; estimating and planning; personnel administration; incentive schemes.. Applied Engineering Technology (Engineering And Related Design) is a  Level 4 subject.

This is a one year instructional programme comprising 200 teaching and learning hours. The subject may be offered on a part-time basis provided all of the assessment requirements are adhered to.
Course preparation should consider students with special educational needs.

Applied Engineering Technology Level 4 Past Exam Papers and Memos

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