Requirements to study Social Work at UCT

Requirements to study Social Work at UCT

Becoming a Social Worker

The four year programme offered in the Department of Social Development allows the student to move into other fields such as Social Development, Social Policy and Management, Probation and Correctional Practice, or Clinical Practice.
Courses offered in the department focus on a range of relevant topics, such as professional interaction; human development; social and economic empowerment; child abuse; crime; alcoholism and substance abuse; human sexuality; social welfare policy and social development; and social research. Apart from the subject social work, you will also major in either Sociology or Psychology.

Learning is guided and facilitated through interactive lectures, workshops and tutorials. From the beginning of the second year, students work with people in different communities, doing their practical work in the context of a range of government and Non-Profit Organization settings, such as schools, hospitals, development programmes, industry, prisons, rehabilitation and trauma centres. To assist students to integrate their theoretical knowledge of assessment and intervention strategies, they receive supervision from a specialist in the field.

The programme leads to a professional qualification and provides a solid foundation for all people-centred careers and social service professions. The education and training provides knowledge for life and opportunities for lifelong learning. By the time of graduation, the student has relevant work and professional experience and is registered with a professional body to practice.

Social work and related social development services are declared a scarce skill in South Africa and with the existing pool of qualified professionals extremely limited, there is an increasing demand from government and non-governmental sectors for social work and social development graduates.

The Department’s core academic programmes benefit from contributions made by cognate Departments such as Psychology and Sociology.
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