Questions and Answers based on Bantu Education Act for Revision:

Why do you think Bantu Education Act or Law is interesting or important to know

The Bantu Education Act, 1953 (Act No. 47 of 1953; later renamed the Black Education Act, 1953) was a South African segregation law that legislated for several aspects of the apartheid system. Its major provision enforced racially separated educational facilities.

What are the main disadvantages of Bantu Education Act

Below are the main disadvantages of the Bantu Education Act

  • low funding and expenditures to black schools,
  • a lack of numbers and training of black school teachers,
  • impoverished black school conditions and resources,
  • a poor education curriculum.

What were the long-lasting consequences of Bantu Education

Long-lasting consequences of the Bantu Education Act include unequal access to educational and professional opportunities

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