On this page, we evaluate three benefits of a study plan for a high school student. A study plan is essential and extremely helpful to all learners (high school and tertiary students). A study plan is a strategy that aims to make learning happen in the easiest and most effective manner. There is no one-size-fits-all study plan as every learner has a particular preference on how to approach learning.

Three Benefits of a Study Plan

  1. Time management– if done properly, a study plan may provide the most effective study time planning and management for a learner. Time management should focus on the efollowing
    1. Plan your study time
    2. Where, when and what and how are you going to study?
    3. Planning is important so that you have enough time to study all the work efficient and effective.
    4. Prioritizing your daily activities. For example is watching your favourite program going to add value to your life and help you pass examinations.
    5. Is having sufficient sleep important to concentrate in class.
  2. Prioritises essential areas of studies – a study plan can help learners to prioritise those areas which are the most important for the exams
  3. Exam preparations – a study plan can help learners to prepare for the exams way ahead of time. Through constant revisions and previous exam questions practices (done as a part of a study plan), learners can be fully prepared to tackle various forms of exam questions .

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