Redhill School Fees and How to Apply for 2025

Redhill School Fees and How to Apply for 2025:


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Redhill School isn’t just a place where your kids will hit the books – it’s a vibrant, diverse community that’s as colorful and dynamic as South Africa itself. When considering Redhill School fees, you’re looking at an investment in a well-rounded, enriching student life that goes beyond traditional learning.

Redhill School Fees
Redhill School Fees 2024
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Redhill School Fees Explained

Below you will find detailed Redhill School fees for 2024, which provides a perfect outlook in terms of setting expectations for the 2025 school fee amounts:

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Early Learning Centre (ELC) School Fees

For the tiny tots stepping into education, KG 1 and KG 2 will cost R92,625 if you clear the bill by December 2023. If you opt to pay in January 2024, it bumps up slightly to R93,600. Want to break it down? You’ve got termly payments at R32,500, or monthly installments of R10,725.

Now, for Grade 0, early payment by December will be R109,250, while January payers will look at R110,400. Termly fees sit at R38,333, and monthly it’s R12,650.

Grade 1 learners have a December fee of R111,625, which edges up to R112,800 if paid in January. Terms will cost you R39,167 each, and monthly payments are set at R12,925.

Junior School Fees

Jumping up to Grade 2, parents can expect to pay R128,250 in December or R129,600 in January. Termly fees are R45,000, and monthly payments are R14,850.

Grades 3 and 4 mirror each other in fees, with R130,625 due in December or R132,000 in January. You can also opt to pay R45,833 each term, or R15,125 each month.

For Grade 5, it’s R137,750 for the early birds paying in December or R139,200 for those paying in January. Termly payments are R48,333, and monthly installments are R15,950.

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Middle School Fees

As we move into Grade 6 to 9, the fees are R159,125 if you’re paying by December, increasing to R160,800 if you’re ringing in the new year with a January payment. Termly payments will be R55,833, and the monthly option comes out to R18,425.

Senior School Fees

For the senior squad, Grades 10 to 12, December payments are R166,250, with a January payment going up to R168,000. Paying by term requires R58,333 each, and monthly payments are R19,250.

IB students in Grade 11 and 12, you’re looking at a December fee of R185,250, or R187,200 if you wait until January. Termly, it’s R65,000, and monthly, it’s R21,450.

Additional Fees for Matric Students

And for those about to graduate, Grade 12 IEB MATRIC EXAM FEE is an extra R8,500, while the Grade 12 IB DP2 EXAM FEE comes in at R14,950.

Remember, these fees are an investment in your child’s future, and planning ahead can help manage the cost without any surprises.

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Redhill School Scholarships and Bursaries for 2025

When looking into Redhill School fees for the upcoming school year, it’s not just about the numbers. Redhill also offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries that could provide financial relief and reward your child’s hard work and talents.

Redhill School Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships at Redhill School

If your child is a whiz in the classroom, a prodigy on the pitch, or has the musical talent that wows, they might be in luck. Redhill is proud to offer SPORT and MUSIC scholarships to standout students planning to enter Grade 8 or 10 in 2025. Plus, ACADEMIC scholarships are up for grabs for students entering Grade 8. These scholarships are a big win for families considering the cost of Redhill School fees, as they’re awarded to kids who’ve shown they’ve got something special.

If you think your child could be a candidate for a scholarship, reach out to Mrs. Jill Harvey at to get your hands on the application forms and make a note of when you need to get them in.

Bursaries at Redhill School

But it’s not all about competition. Redhill believes in lifting up students through education, which is why they offer academic bursaries. These are aimed at talented South African citizens from disadvantaged backgrounds who have shown potential in academic, sport, cultural, or leadership areas.

So, if you’ve got a Grade 8 hopeful and are worried about Redhill School fees, it’s worth sending an email to Mrs. Jill Harvey at to get more information on bursaries, including how to apply and important deadlines.

Remember, investing in education is a big decision, and every bit of financial help counts. Redhill’s scholarships and bursaries could be just what your family needs to make it all possible.

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About Redhill School

10 Reasons to Apply at Redhill School in 2025

Here are 10 compelling reasons to consider Redhill School for your child’s education in 2025:

#1. Tailored Educational Experience:

With four separate schools within the campus, each catering to different age groups, Redhill ensures a customized approach to every student’s learning journey.

#2. Diverse Qualification Options:

Redhill is the only school in South Africa offering both IEB and IB qualifications, providing students the flexibility to choose the path that aligns with their goals.

#3. Innovative Learning Approach:

Emphasizing on collaboration and problem-solving over rote learning, Redhill’s Smart Homework policy is designed to nurture confident, resilient, and curious learners from a young age.

#4. Bilingual Programme:

Up to Grade 4, the bilingual IsiZulu/English Programme celebrates South Africa’s cultural heritage while enhancing students’ linguistic skills in a diverse learning environment.

#5. Secular and Co-Educational:

As a secular co-ed school, Redhill mirrors the diverse fabric of South African society, promoting inclusivity and diversity as cornerstones of its community.

#6. Focus on Holistic Development:

The school’s ethos is to develop ‘whole’ students, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically prepared for life’s challenges.

#7. Distinctive Organisational Structure:

Redhill’s unique structure, with an integrated ELC and a dedicated Middle School, ensures focused educational strategies for each developmental stage.

#8. Early Learning Centre (ELC):

The ELC is a nurturing, affirmative, progressive environment for children from KG1 to Grade 1, setting a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

#9. Junior School Emphasis:

For Grades 2 to 5, the Junior School is all about building confidence, creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative skills.

#10. Middle and Senior School Opportunities:

With a Middle School that helps students find their passion and a Senior School that prepares them for the future, Redhill offers a continuous pathway for personal and academic growth.

Each of these reasons speaks to the value of Redhill School fees, ensuring that the investment in your child’s education is one that pays dividends in their development and readiness for the world.

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  • Address: 20 Summit Rd, Morningside, Sandton, 2057
  • Phone: 011 783 4707
  • Founded: 1907
  • School type: Private school
  • Colors: White, Red, Grey
  • Motto: Free to Build

The Campus That Never Sleeps

Your Redhill School fees are a passport to a campus alive with energy and opportunity. Redhill provides a safe, inclusive environment where students can thrive academically and socially, mirroring the diversity of South Africa itself. To learn more about life at Redhill and what your fees contribute to, check out their page on student life at Life at Redhill.

When you’re evaluating Redhill School fees, remember you’re not just paying for an education; you’re joining a community committed to nurturing every aspect of your child’s growth and preparing them for a bright, versatile future.

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