Requirements for Honours degree at UJ

Requirements for Honours degree at UJ: The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is a prestigious institution that offers a wide variety of Honours degree programs to potential students. Whether you’re an undergraduate seeking to further your academic career or a professional wanting to specialize in a particular field, UJ provides comprehensive education that combines theory with practical application. As you consider pursuing an Honours degree at UJ, it is crucial to understand the application process, the academic requirements, and other guidelines to ensure a smooth admission journey. This article provides a detailed walkthrough of the admission requirements, application procedures, necessary documentation, and important contact information related to Honours degree programs at the University of Johannesburg.

Requirements for Honours degree at UJ

Academic Eligibility for the Honours Degree at UJ

First and foremost, it is crucial to know that for admission into an Honours degree at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), the candidate must have completed a three-year Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma. The specific requirements may differ depending on the field of study or department, so it is recommended to consult the relevant department or faculty yearbook for more precise information.


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Application Process

Application to the University of Johannesburg can be made either online (which is free) or by submitting a hardcopy application (which has a processing fee of R200.00). The online application method is highly recommended due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. If you encounter difficulties during the application process, you may seek help from the UJ Call Centre at 011 559 4555 or through the email address

Limitations and Guidelines on Study Choices

When applying, a student is permitted to select up to two study choices per academic year. Once these study choices have been made, they cannot be amended or modified. It’s important to note that if a student qualifies for both of their choices, the University of Johannesburg allows simultaneous admissions. The student will then decide which qualification to register for, and the other choice will automatically be declined.

Additional Documentation

Apart from the general application form, there might be additional requirements like a department-specific application form, CV, motivation letter, or a proposal for the thesis, among others. It’s advisable to visit the relevant faculty or department’s website for such details before submitting the application.

For Transfer Students

If an applicant is transferring from another university or tertiary institution, a full academic record or transcript and a degree or diploma certificate (if applicable) are necessary. These documents must be uploaded during the online application process.

Special Instructions for Clinical and Counselling Psychology Applicants

Applicants for Honours, Masters, and Doctorate degrees in Clinical and Counselling Psychology are required to apply directly to the department instead of through the general application process.

Updating Contact Details

To verify or update your cell phone number or email details, you can contact the UJ Call Centre on 011 559 4555.

The University of Johannesburg would like to caution potential applicants about scams where individuals or companies claim to assist with the university’s application process for a fee. Remember that online applications at UJ are free. Always be vigilant and not fall prey to such fraudulent practices.

Application Document Checklist

The documents you’ll need to have at hand when applying online include:

  1. A valid email address (Gmail or Yahoo mail account)
  2. Certified copies of required documents
  3. Ensure the scanned file is a maximum of 512KB in size
  4. Files should be in tiff, pdf, jpg, or gif format
  5. Each document must be scanned and uploaded as separate attachments

Alternatively, you can email your documents to Ensure that your provisional reference or student number is mentioned in the email subject line.

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