15 APS Score Courses to study in South Africa

On this page we will explore what 15 APS Score Courses are there to study in South Africa. First of all, an aps score of lower than 20 is generally considered a lower aps score in South Africa. This means that the typical study options which are studied at conventional universities and colleges are significantly limited. However, a lower aps score of 15, cant prevent you to pursuing the career that you would like.

Many students who get a lower aps score of 15, usually resort to matric re-writing options in order to improve their marks. However, others still hunt for those spots that will accommodate lower aps scores.

An aps score of 15, means that the student has obtained a higher certificate pass matric results.

For a student to get a higher certificate pass they will need at least 15 APS points as follows:

  • 40-49% for home language
  • 40-49% in two other subjects
  • 30-39%  for three other subjects

List of 15 APS Score Courses to study in South Africa

Learners with an aps score of 15 or lower will mostly qualify for certificates, diplomas, online courses, and short courses. With an aps score of 15, it will be almost impossible to gain access to Bcom and BA degrees, as well as some diplomas.

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