How to Write a Design Brief for a Grade 7 Technology Project

How to Write a Design Brief for a Grade 7 Technology Project:

First of all, you need to understand the problem in details before you can write a perfect design brief. A design brief is a short, clear statement that explains the problem and how to solve the problem.
A design brief should include the following:

  • What will you be making?
  • How will it solve the problem?
  • Any materials or resources needed

After you have written your design brief, you should also list the specifications and constraints for the project. For example: Priyanka has nothing to hold her beautiful flowers. Using creative thinking, a pair of scissors and some paint, she changes a plastic bottle into a vase. The specifications of a technology project list the requirements that the solution must meet.

In our example, Priyanka would need to list the following specifications for her solution:

  • It needs to be able to hold a bunch of flowers.
  • It should be stable.
  • It needs to be waterproof.
  • It needs to be attractive to look at.

Constraints refer to anything that limits the designer when finding a solution to a problem. Priyanka’s constraints could have been:

  • tools to make the vase
  • limited materials
  • no skills
  • time to make it
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