ACT Cape Town Courses and Programmes 2020-2021 (Prospectus)

ACT Cape Town Courses and Programmes 2020-2021 (Prospectus)

ACT Cape Town Courses and Programmes 2020-2021

Acting for Film I – The Actor & The Self

Understanding the self is fundamental to authentic performance. Transcending ego and connecting to truth enables the actor to relinquish fear, build confidence and embody honesty in performance.  This course is designed for the new actor as well as the professional, looking for re- inspiration. It culminates in the filmed performance of a scene and a monologue.

Acting for Film II – Finding Emotional Truth

Defining pivotal moments in the actor’s life, unpacking and owning these, help to further break down blocks to honesty in performance. Using techniques and exercises developed by Lee Strasberg, Susan Batson, Sanford Meisner and other master practitioners, allow students to further explore, develop and deepen their understanding of textual analysis, acting and performance.

Acting for Film III – Camera Technique & Scene Study


This course is essential for the stage actor wishing to cross over into film and television, as well as new and professional actors wanting to hone their camera acting skill. The course culminates in a filmed scene on location that may be used for show-reel and promotional purposes.

Auditioning for Camera

This course explores all aspects of a film audition. It includes the break-down of an audition script, call backs, acting technique and the practical exploration of the casting process.  Course culminates in a mock casting for playback and review.

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