APS Score for Geology at UJ

APS score for Geology at UJ: Aspiring geology students often have a variety of questions regarding the admission process, and one of the most frequent concerns relates to the Admission Point Score (APS). The University of Johannesburg (UJ), a prestigious institution renowned for its Department of Geology, requires an APS of 30 for admission into its geology program.

The APS is a scoring system used by South African universities to determine if a student meets the minimum requirements for a specific course. It converts your school grades into points and is calculated based on your six best subject results from your final year of high school, excluding Life Orientation.

APS Score for Geology at UJ

In the case of UJ’s Geology program, the APS requirement is 30. This means that the combined total of your top six subjects, excluding Life Orientation, should give you a score of 30 or more.

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The Department of Geology at UJ is one of the premier Earth Science departments in South Africa, and indeed, the African continent. Academic staff members come from diverse backgrounds and have excellent national and international reputations. Being centrally located with respect to the mineral and mining industry in southern Africa, the UJ Department of Geology maintains close ties with these sectors.

UJ Geology graduates are well-equipped for a variety of careers in diverse fields. They are sought after in the international mining and minerals industries, research institutes, government and environmental organisations.

The Department of Geology at UJ offers unique courses and research opportunities to potential students and post-doctoral researchers. These include training and research in the geology and exploitation of ferrous mineral deposits, sedimentology of carbonate successions and associated base-metal deposits, coal geology and coal-bed methane, structural and metamorphic geology of orogenic provinces, geochemistry of igneous complexes and their associated ore deposits, and geological studies of southern Africa.

Students or parents who have questions or require further clarification about the APS or the application process for the geology program can contact the department directly at +27 (0)11 559 4701.

Remember that meeting the APS requirement does not guarantee admission. Admission is subject to availability and competition, as many courses have a limited number of spaces. It’s also important to note that while a 30 APS score is required for the Geology program at UJ, students also need to meet specific subject requirements to be admitted into the program.

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