Career fields for Religion Studies, Geography, History, and Life Orientation

On this page, we explore different career fields for the following high school subjects: Religion Studies, Geography, History, and Life Orientation. We will look at the career fields for individual subjects as well as combined subjects.

Career Field Per Subject:

Let’s look at the individual subjects first and explore possible career fields for each:

Religion Studies Career Fields

Religion Studies is a study of various religions which exist on earth. there is no doubt that many societies we live in today are significantly influenced by religion. Religion studies help us to understand the entrenched religious influence on people’s choices, actions, preferences, beliefs, and views.

Careers that Religious Studies would be an added advantage would be:

  • Social Sciences :
  • Law
  • Education
  • Theology

Geography Career Fields

Geography high school subject exposes and introduces you to the wider world of the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, as well as of human activity, as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources and political and economic activities.

If you pass Grade 12 with Geography as one of your subjects, you will have greater chances of doing well in the following careers:

  • Cartography
  • Climate Change Analyst
  • Climatology
  • Geology
  • Hydrology
  • Town Planning

History Career Fields

There are plenty of careers that can open up for learners with great interests in historical studies. Historical studies focuses on the meaning of past events in an attempt to interpret the facts and explain the cause of events, and their effect on the present events. Historical studies subject in high school will orient you and expand your knowledge towards the following careers:

  • Research
  • Philosophy
  • Documentary film and tv production
  • Anthropology
  • Genealogy
  • Academic
  • Archeology
  • Sociology

Life Orientation Career Fields

There are no specific careers linked to Life Orientation career field. This is a general subject which is relevant to any field of study in tertiary level. According to the Department of Education, Life Orientation is the study of the self in relation to others and to society. it addresses skills, knowledge, and values about the self, the environment, responsible citizenship, a healthy and productive life, social engagement, recreation and physical activity, careers and career choices.

Combination of Religion Studies, Geography, History, and Life Orientation

If you happen to include subjects such as Religion Studies; Geography; History; and Life Orientation in high school, you have high chances of doing well in social sciences careers, marketing careers, human resources careers and any related. But why? Well because these subjects focus on understanding human interactions and behaviour within a given environment.

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